Micro Insurance

For the Second Quarter of 2017 Meada insured a total number of 19,110 and total loans of USD 5,167,914. The table below shows details on membership for the two micro-insurance products – loan protection and basic life.
Q1 2017 Q1 2017 2016
 No. of SAMIC branches covered 
19 19 17
 Total SAMIC clients insured
12,089 13,003 13,181
       Loan protection
2,709 3,243 3,762
       Basic life
9,380 9,760 9,419
 Active spouse for basic life
4,635 5,203 5,095
 Head Office/Basic life
409 314 324
 None SAMIC Client insured 1,977 1,946 1,319
 Total number of insured
19,110 20,466 19,919
 Total amount of loan insured (USD)
5,167,914 6,024,691 5,165,001



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