Environmental Data

To monitor and report on the internal environmental performance, SAMIC has adopted a simple carbon accounting for this purpose.

 Environmental Performance Indicators
Q2-2017 Q1-2017


 Office Paper (Ream (500 pages)/ FTE*)
0.89 1.33 4.13
 Plastic Bags (Kg/FTE) 
 0.14 0.17 0.78
  Water Consumption
 State Water Supply (m3/FTE)
 4.25 5.02 18.79
 Bottled Wate r20L (20/FTE)  2.60 2.27 9.75
 Bottled Water (24Bottles/FTE)
 0.53 0.54 1.62
 State grid electricity (Kwh/FTE)
 96.68 117.82 420.39
 Generator-gasoline (Litre/FTE) 
 0.68 0.42 1.59
  Business Travel
 Vehicle-diesel (Litre/FTE) 
 10.48 11.13 46.58
 Motorcycles-gasoline (Litre/FTE)
 46.12 44.13 177.57
 Bus  (Km/FTE)
 731.40 183.11 514.58
 Air travel (Km/FTE)
 17.98   28.87
  CO2 Emission   
 State grid electricity (KgCO2e)

* FTE is the abbreviation of Full-Time Equivalent which means an average number of full time employees during a reporting period. For the year ended 31 December 2014, the total number of employees was 236 and FTE was 239.

** Kg CO2e is the abbreviation of kilogram Carbon Dioxide Equivalent which is a CO2 conversion factor used to convert a CO2 activity into CO2 emission. The kg CO2e for the state grid electricity for Cambodia is issued by the International Energy Agency. 



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